For Children & Teens

Are you or a loved one under 18 years of age and experiencing an eating disorder?

Health Sciences Centre – Child & Adolescent Eating Disorders Service is a government funded, hospital-based treatment program in Winnipeg that serves children and and teens of all genders. An interdisciplinary team with eating disorders expertise assesses and offers treatment for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and disordered eating.

Treatment Options

Inpatient Program

A program at Children’s Hospital at Health Sciences Centre for children and teens who need urgent medical stabilization and nutritional recovery. Once stable, teens and their families can access the treatment services described below.

Outpatient Day Hospital Program

A comprehensive, group-based treatment program. Participants attend programming 5 days a week, beginning at 8 am and return home for evenings and weekends. Includes meals and snacks with support provided by treatment team members.

Academic programming is offered in the on-site classroom staffed by a teacher. The program also provides a variety of therapeutic groups that address:

  • life skills
  • self-esteem
  • body image
  • relationships
  • recreation
  • nutrition education

Participants attend a multi-family group once per week with their parents/guardians.

Family-based Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa

An outpatient intensive treatment approach. Parents are taught to help their child through the recovery process. Families attend approximately 20 sessions. In the first phase of treatment, parents are coached to help their child restore weight at home. In the second phase, control over eating is returned to the child. The third phase focuses on developing a healthy adolescent identity.

Outpatient Treatment

Services include:

  • individual therapy
  • nutrition counselling
  • family therapy

These are for teens who are medically stable and able to manage nutrition at home (by themselves or with parent/caregiver support) and their families. Outpatient services are also available as follow-up to intensive treatment to maintain change and prevent relapse.

An Outpatient Multifamily Education Group is typically recommended to teens and families at the beginning of treatment. This group is 1 1/2 hours a week for seven weeks. Topics cover the fundamentals of eating disorders and treatment.

 Some Helpful Books:

Help your teenager beat an eating disorder by James Lock & D. LeGrange. New York: Guilford Press, 2005.

Help for Eating Disorders: A parent’s guide to symptoms, causes and treatment by D. Katzman, D. & L. Pinhas. Robert Rose: Toronto, 2005.

For more helpful information, please see our Online Resource page.